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Morley Barmaster Pool League Rules


1) League rules will be strictly applied to all teams and may only be amended or added to at the A.G.M., with a simple majority vote of teams present.

2) The League Committee will ensure these rules are adhered to. Should any situation arise which is not covered in these rules, or there is any dispute as to the interpretation of the rules, the matter will be referred to a full League meeting.

3) All Players and Teams will be expected to behave in a sportsmanlike manner, any Team or Players who behave otherwise will be expelled from the League.

3a) All Trophies and Cups will remain the property of “The Morley Pool League” at all times.

4) Match sequence;

3 Singles

1 Doubles

2 Singles

1 Doubles

Players may play one singles and /or one Doubles

5) The Home Team will referee the first frame, the away Team will break. Thereafter Teams will Referee and break alternately.

6) The Home Team will pay for the cost of the games.

7) Teams will be awarded 1 point for each frame won, the Team winning the match will be awarded 2 bonus points. Score sheets should be handed in at the next League meeting. Teams will be deducted 1 point for each score sheet not received. (teams with 5 or less penalty points at the end of the season will have the points reinstated.)

8) Both Teams will be responsible to ensure the result is phoned in to the secretary after the match.

9) Matches will start at 8;00 p.m. prompt, should a team be more than 15 minutes late, the team present may claim the first frame, additional frames may be c laimed at 10 minute intervals.

10) If a Team fails to turn up for a match the Team present will be awarded a total of 9 points. The Team failing to turn up will be fined except under exceptional circumstances;

Giving 7 days notice; No penalty

Giving 24 hours notice; £5 fine

Giving less than 24 hours notice; £10 fine.

11) .

12) If a team fields less than 5 players, the opposing team will be awarded the frames not played. Players with frames awarded will be credited with a win for individual averages.

13) The reason why any frames have been claimed should be written in the appropriate space on the score sheet, e.g. “Claimed - late” etc.

14) If a team fields an unregistered player, any frames won by that player will be forfeited.

15) Any complaints as to the condition of the table must be made before the start of the match.

16) League matches may not be cancelled, it is up to each team to register enough players to complete their fixtures. If a Teams venue is unavailable for a particular match, the match will be played at a neutral venue.

17) If a Team leaves the League before completing 50% of the season, all points scored against such a Team will be void, if after completing 50% of the matches results for the first half of the season will stand. After completing 80% of the season, all results will stand. Teams still to play the Team will receive a total of 9 points.


18) A maximum of 14 and a minimum of 5 players can be registered on the registration form, which must be handed in before the start of the season.

19) Teams can register additional players up to half way through the season by signing the score sheet.

20) Transfers will not be allowed.

21) Exceptions to (19) & (20) will only be allowed subject to approval by a majority of teams at a League meeting.

22) No team will be allowed to register more than 1 mens County “A” team player, not including players who were registered with their team before qualifying for the County team.

23) The current Licensee, Manager, Steward etc. will be allowed to play for their team at any time and do not need to register. Except where the venue has more than 1 Team when the Licensee will be subject to the same rules as any other player.


24) All matches will be played to the rules of the English Pool Association, prior to 1st Jan 1998 (available at, with the exception that following a foul the player must ask the Referee to replace the white ball (if required). A player picking the white ball up may result in a foul being called. When a player pockets a ball from each group legally The Referee should ask the player to nominate, but it is still up to the player to nominate, if not asked the player will still be awarded a foul for failure to nominate.

25) A copy of these rules will be provided for each team, the home team will ensure a copy is available on match nights


26) The League reserves the right to refuse entry to any of its knockout competitions.

27) Any special rules or conditions for knockout competitions will be stated on the entry forms.


28) Each Team is responsible to send a representative to League meetings, failure to attend will result in the loss of 2 points. Where a venue has more than 1 team, 1 player will be allowed to represent both teams. Teams with 5 or less penalty points at the end of the season will have the points reinstated.

29) The League will not accept responsibility for any default or penalty incurred due to that team not being represented at League meetings.


30) All teams will pay monies to the League by the agreed dates, the League reserves the right to impose penalties on teams who are late with payment.

31) A full financial statement will be provided by the treasurer before the start of each season.


32) In all cases teams should try to resolve any disputes amicably between themselves, if this is not possible the matter should be referred to the Committee via the secretary. The Committee will then make a ruling based on the current League and/or Match rules. If either team does not agree with the decision of the Committee the matter will be referred to a full League meeting, where the decision reached by a majority vote of teams present will be final.

33) Any teams or players engaging in violence during or immediately after a match will be expelled from the League.


34) League positions will be awarded on the following basis; a) total points, b) Number of matches won, c) aggregate scores between tying teams, except where teams are tied for first or second place when a playoff will be arranged at a neutral venue.

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